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Welcome to The Curious Blog!

We are incredibly excited to launch Curious Contraptions publicly for the first time today!

I am going to take this opportunity to introduce the blog, tell you a bit about the company, and give you some insight into our founding story.

Let me first introduce myself,

My name is Oliver, and I am the founder of Curious Contraptions. I have a background in mechatronics engineering and physics, and a passion for design and personal improvement.

What is this blog about?

This blog is intended to keep you up to date on the Curious Contraptions journey through company updates, product progress, and lessons learned along the way. I will also be using this channel to share insights and opinion pieces on technology, design, personal growth, and education – some of the founding pillars of Curious Contraptions.

What is Curious Contraptions, and how did it all get started?

When I was 16, I purchased blueprint designs for a mechanical clock. I built the clock in my cousin’s woodshop – I had never made anything like it before. It was laborious, it was a challenge, and it was fun. This experience planted a seed, which would eventually develop into our first product at Curious Contraptions.

Years later, after completing my engineering degree, with countless hours of tinkering, designing, and creating under my belt, I stopped for a moment to think about the physical things in my life. I realized then that my feeling of connection toward each of the things that I had surrounded myself with was proportional to the attention that I had dedicated to that thing. My attention may have come in the form of repetitive use, physical creation, careful selection, customization, sentimental value (memory or thought triggers), or learning experiences. Thinking back to some of the things that I had made in the past, starting with the mechanical clock that I built when I was 16, I knew that I wanted my future work to help others evoke these feelings of connection. I founded Curious Contraptions as the avenue to help accomplish this vision.

My goal with Curious Contraptions is to create an environment where people feel more connected to the things that they own through tactile experiences, voluntary exploration of mechanisms and operating concepts, consistent utility, and customization. I hope to inspire people to surround themselves with things that foster curiosity.

To kickoff Curious Contraptions, I have designed the Clockwork – a completely redesigned version of the clock that I built when I was younger. Inspired by Lego, the Clockwork is designed to be a customizable, self assembled, kinetic sculpture. In the spirit of Lego, no tools are required to assemble the Clockwork.

The Clockwork was chosen as our pilot product for its unique operating principles and many moving components. The working mechanism is deliberately exposed to be visible from all angles; you can appreciate the operating principles with each glance. The design is in-line with our vision of creating products that inspire connection through tactile experiences, open design, and self driven exploration. 

We are hard at work to bring the Clockwork to market and will be launching a pre-order crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter this Fall – I’ll talk more about Kickstarter as a platform, and why we have chosen to go that route, in a future post.

I am grateful that you have read this far. I hope that you stick around for the journey!

Oliver Wolfond

Founder of Curious Contraptions

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