About Us

At Curious Contraptions, we are passionate about creating purposeful designs that incorporate unique, interesting, and transparent technologies. Technology in the 21st century now increasingly involves software and other engineering principles that are not very intuitively understood, and which are generally non-transparent for end users. We take the initiative to enable an understanding of how our products work, and to encourage learning in inquisitive minds. Each product release comes with a full knowledge base of information in areas such as physics, circuits and mechanical design. Through this initiative, we aim to make information accessible, and to inspire individuals to be and to stay curious.

In designing our pilot product, the Clockwork, we have completely re-imagined the grandfather clock into an engaging tactile experience. The Clockwork is a customizable, kinetic sculpture that you can build yourself, made of premium components and sized to be neatly displayed on your desk or mantelpiece. With the Clockwork, and with all future Curious Contraptions products, we hope to foster a deeper connection to the things that we surround ourselves with in everyday life.  

Strategic Partnerships for Success

Curious Contraptions is proud to be a part of Hardware Studio; in partnering with Dragon Innovation, Avnet, and Kickstarter, we are positioning the Clockwork for a reliable transition from pre-order to manufacturing. 

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