We've re-imagined the grandfather clock.
Introducing the Clockwork.

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A Unique Timepiece

Clockwork is a customizable kinetic sculpture, made of premium components, and sized to be neatly displayed on your desk or mantelpiece. 
Order assembled or as a kit – designed to build yourself.

Customize Your Clockwork

We want you to be proud to display your Clockwork. Design it to fit your individual style with interchangeable components.

Exposed Working Mechanism

Escapement and gear train components are deliberately exposed from all angles. We want everyone in the room to appreciate the mechanical complexity that makes the Clockwork tick. 

Front View
Back View

Designed To

Inspired by Lego, the Clockwork is designed to be assembled. Use your hands to put the Clockwork together, and get to know your timepiece – piece by piece.

Making Product Design Transparent

We take the initiative to enable an understanding of how our products work, and to encourage learning in inquisitive minds like yours. Curious Contraptions is putting together a full knowledge base of information, so that you can really get to know our products. 

Driving Force

Magnetic fields drive the pendulum, and cam action converts the pendulum oscillation to rotational motion.

Precision Timing

Mechanical clocks and watches are complex; they don’t keep perfect time. A mechanical watch will always slowly drift and become inaccurate – even if it is properly wound.

The Clockwork’s pendulum makes one full swing back and forth each second. To put this in perspective, if the oscillation period were to be off by as little as one hundredth of a second, the Clockwork could drift by more than 14 minutes each day. Our control system keeps the pendulum regulated with precision.


Premium Materials

The Clockwork is manufactured with high quality materials to give the look and feel that you want. Engineering grade plastics, steel, aluminium, and brass are among the materials bringing your Clockwork to life.     

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