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We believe in transparent technologies.

Non-transparency in products we use every day is becoming more prevalent as technology advances on. It is often very difficult to learn what makes something truly operate without advanced knowledge, and even if you do possess expertise in engineering principles or software design, the process can still take considerable dedication. The truth is, most people don’t bother to learn how, or why, things are designed the way that they are. We hope to give people the nudge they need to stay curious. 

Our mission is to enable an understanding of how our products work through self-motivated learning experiences that are accessible to regular people, and to encourage growth in inquisitive minds like yours. The launch of the Clockwork will come with a full knowledge base of information in areas such as physics, circuits, and mechanical design – to inspire you to be and to stay curious.

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About Curious Contraptions

Curious Contraptions creates unique, functional art, and provides an accessible lens into each product’s operating technologies. We aim to inspire individuals to be and to stay curious.